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Significant Project References

IFC  G Amani (1) .jpg

Project: G. Amani Beauty IFC

Date:  Jan 2016

Supply: 3mm matte diffusing acrylic

Application: window lighting diffuser

non-glare sign plate 3.jpg

Project: Green House (Fotan)

Date : Apr 2018-Apr 2019

Supply: 3mm non-glare acrylic

Application: door sign plate

Project: Simtos fair (Seoul)

Date : May 2016

Supply: 3 metre long, matte finish acrylic 

Application: lighting diffuser

Project: Grand Yoho

Date: 1 Jan 2017

Supply: 8mm clear acrylic

Application: lightweight glass in the

common areas

Supply of 8mm clear acrylic as glass alternative for Grand Yoho common areas Dec 2016_edit

Project: Hysan Place (HK) 

Date: Aug 2012

Supply: 3mm antiglare acrylic

Application: Screen lens of wayfinding signage

Project: Estee Lauder, Asia

Date : Aug 2011-2015

Supply: 9mm matte miror acrylic 

Application: decorative panel

Hysan Place 2012 (3) .jpg
ESL matte mirror (1) .jpg
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