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Single Matte Black (502SM)

Single Matte Black (502SM)



3% light transmission

Opaque, single matte finished

Light diffusing over surface


Lightweight, half of glass weight

Soft visual presentation


Durable, hard surface

Safe and shatterproof

Easy to process


Sign plate

Sales display cases

Wall cladding

  • Return Policy

    You may return your purchase, for any reason, within seven (7) days after receipt of your order, in accordance with the instructions from Sze Cheong Plexicast Ltd regarding returns. During the seven day term you are obliged to take reasonable care of the Product and its packaging. You will only use the Product in the matter necessary to inspect the nature and specifications of the Product. Customer should cancel the purchase of a Product by inform Sze Cheong Plexicast Ltd clearly by email. The risk and burden of proof of correct and timely compliance with instructions in this is with Customer.

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