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Light diffusing acrylic solutions

20, April, 2019   Patrick Leung

In most back-lit applications, no matter indoor shop design or outdoor signage construction, designers must take several factors into accounts: (1) budget (2) LED hot spots hiding (3) brightness (4) visual colors.

Just take translucent white plastics as an example, hiding LED hot spots always means low brightness, and the visual colors either go to pale yellow or pale blue direction. What's the solution ? Light diffusing plastics.


Among various plastics, cell-cast acrylic is the most popular plastic for sign display and it is more easily modified and available than extruded acrylic which starts at bulk volume production. Based on your budget and application requirements, you can choose different diffusing acrylic solutions. In the market, there are two basic solutions (1) surface texture (2) chemical diffusing embedded. 


The best light diffusing solution is employing two basic solutions together, i.e (1) +(2), which creates the most optimal visual effect.  

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